How To Build An Underground 

Hobbit House

That You Can Live In, That Will
Last 100's Of Years
Plus Building Hobbit Bridges, Dams and Hydro Power

Hobbit House's are very popular today. Owning one and having the pleasure to design, construct and use your very own Hobbit House  is an excellent adventure. Technically this is not a Hobbit House but everyone speaks about how it reminds them of a Hobbit House, thus we call it our Hobbit House. 

This site describes the construction methods to accomplish the creation of an underground Hobbit House. The house construction uses basic concrete placement for foundations, shotcrete placement on the concrete dome portion of the Hobbit House, Formwork for casting the dome roof and masonry placement to add character.


The Hobbit House described is for use by full size humans. The Hobbit House has a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Inside four separate levels provide a basement, entrance/kitchen, living/bathroom and aloft in a total footprint of approximately 20 ft diameter. Light comes into the Hobbit House from a 60" diameter central skylight dome. Electricity, running hot and cold water are included. A wood burning stove provides heat and cooking. The underground nature of the structure provides natural cool temperatures in the summer and never gets below 45F in the winter (without the woodburning stove). The project was performed on weekends over a 1.2 year period, direct expenses for materials was less than $17,000. This structure has been built to last hundreds of years. 

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hobbit house, construction, concrete, foundation
Entrance to Underground Hobbit House
hobbit house underground, dome, concrete
hobbit house temporary formwork for dome
hobbit house construction, concrete dome, underground
completed formwork for hobbit house